Chapter 13 Case Management


Why Outsource?

Outsourcing the Chapter 13 process is a cost effective alternative for credit grantors that are unable to devote the necessary resources to their internal staff to insure that proofs of claim are administered properly.  Although preparing a claim for filing with the court may seem simple in concept, a routine audit of a typical creditor’s bankruptcy process may reveal numerous problems.

Typical Problems Avoided

  • Missed bar dates leading to unfiled claims. 
  • Use of outdated bankruptcy claim forms. 
  • Outdated filing procedures (including filing claims by mail). 
  • Claim documents not completed and/or redacted properly pursuant to Bankruptcy Rules. 
  • Inadequate controls to insure electronically signed claims are reviewed and approved prior to submission.  
  • Poorly defined claim preparation procedures and retention policies for electronically filed claims. 
  • Missing documentation to properly identify the account, support the claim balance, prove a security interest, or establish collateral value.

What Solutions Can We Offer?

  • Detailed account review with requests for supporting claim documentation as needed.
  • Claim preparation with detailed documentation to support account balance and/or prove a security interest.
  • Monitoring case for deadlines to insure that claims are filed timely and bar dates are not missed.
  • Industry Best Practices for review, approval and proper redaction of claims prior to submission (no Robo-Signing!).
  • National Electronic Case Filing (ECF) with clearly defined procedures for retention of original signed ECF claim documents.

Cost Effective Options

Whether your internal staff is filing unsecured claims or preparing secured claims with more detailed documentation, we can propose a cost-effective and recovery-oriented solution that can meet your needs.  Ask us about our flat fee claim filing with contingency based case monitoring, or take advantage of our “no recovery, no fee” solution and start enjoying the benefits of a compliance driven,  professionally managed chapter 13 claims administration process today!