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Nondischargeable Debt


In assessing nondischargeability cases, our staff is expert at gathering evidence from multiple sources to establish a clear picture for the Court of fraudulent pre-bankruptcy spending activity.  Many of our cases are bolstered by representation of multiple creditor clients in the same adversary proceeding.  

Chapter 13 Objections


Our process for secured creditors goes well beyond claims administration.  Besides insuring that claims are filed timely and properly to maximize recovery for our clients, we closely monitor chapter 13 cases to insure that proposed valuations are reasonable, and selectively oppose “cram down” valuations as needed through our nationwide legal network.

Post Discharge Lien Rights


While a bankruptcy discharge eliminates a debtor's obligation to pay on a pre-petition debt, a secured creditor has the right to repossess its collateral to offset its losses after the bankruptcy stay is lifted or the case is fully administered. Bankrupt debtors that wrongfully transfer or  withhold a lienholder's secured property after discharge may be subject to liability for monetary damages in state court.

California Counsel


The Law Offices of Richard W. Snyder serves as our primary independent counsel for bankruptcy and state court litigation throughout the state of California.  Mr. Snyder has over 20 years of experience in consumer bankruptcy law, mostly pursuing secured creditor's rights both during and after bankruptcy.