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Affordable Payment Plans

We work with our clients' retail credit customers both during and after bankruptcy so they can afford to retain and pay for their valuable secured purchases.


Rebuilding Credit

Our programs are designed to put your best customers on a path towards rehabilitating their credit reputation after bankruptcy.


Your Bankrupt Customers Have Options

Let us help your customers achieve the fresh start they deserve, reach their financial goals, keep their valuable purchases, and put their credit accounts back in good standing with you. 

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Bankruptcy Servicing Benefits

Consumer bankruptcy is a complex area that requires dedicated focus and expertise.  Our creditor clients can be assured that their bankrupt accounts are handled with the utmost care and professionalism, while their employees stay focused on what they do best!  We specialize in chapter 7 reaffirmations, redemption agreements for secured property and proof of claim filing in chapter 13 on purchase money security interest (PMSI) loans under retail credit card agreements and installment contracts.

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